Dive sites in Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park

Punta Venado:
An interesting site to observe the interaction between corals, sponges and algae in a shallow fringing reef; this feature makes it a perfect place for night dives where we are guaranteed to see a great number of specias with nocturnal habits.

This site is located in the first bay of the Tayrona National Park and is relatively well protected from the trade winds, it is thus an excellent site for beginning divers. It is characterized by a shallow sandy bottom which is, in fact, the major seabed's substrate in the world; diving deeper we can see quantity of coral patches in the middle of this sand which are like little oasis teaming with a large number of species. 

Cantil de Granate:
It is a spectacular descent along a wall formed by one of the projections of the Sierra Nevada into the sea and is completely colonized by animals until a depth of 20 meters where it is possible to see how the different species take advantage of these conditions. After that, we will continue our dive to a well-developed fringing reef where we will appreciate the interaction of all the species that make up a healthy coral reef.

Calichan I:
Diving through a sandy bottom in which we find a fringing reef at shallow depth in very good condition, ideal dive site for beginners.

El Torin:
Diving to a depth of 18 meters in a spectacular coral reef with good visibility most of the year due to its protected site. It consists predominantly of a well-developed coral growing in the form of orange plates with small polyps Acropora palmata.

Sites for Advanced Divers

Morro de Santa Marta:
The dive site is divided into a reef terrace up to 20 meters deep with large colonies of corals and sponges, then sloping down to 30 meters, where you can observe various species of soft corals among strong currents.

Calichan II:
Site where we perform a descent down to 40 meters where we will find a valley with rocks covered by different types of corals that are usually known by the name of "lettuce" coral.

El Salidero:
Diving site exclusively for experienced divers due to strong currents. Interesting site to observe the influence of currents on the biodiversity of corals and sponges.

Los Morritos:
Los morritos are a couple of rocks emerging from the sea on the western side of Isla Aguja where strong currents are always present, thus making this site exclusively for experienced divers. These rocks are covered by a large number of marine species that take advantage of such conditions for their development, making it one of the most interesting area to observe large fishes.

El Coro:
This is a diving point away from the coast, with greater influence from oceanic currents, it is composed of a pair of large rocks resting on a sandy bottom at a depth of 40 meters where a large number of fish and marine invertebrates use the spaces formed between the rocks as shelter.

The Shipwreck:
is located on the eastern side of EL Morro de Santa Marta, it is a 33 meters long cargo ship which was sunk approximately 15 years ago and is now completely covered by various marine species, some of them found a great opportunity to adhere to this structure and it is developing into a new type of artificial marine ecosystem.

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