The Tayrona National Park

The Tayrona National Park was declared a national park in 1969 and counts an área of 19.000 hectares, divided in 15.400 on land and 3.600 underwater, creating one of the most important national parks of Colombia. It's altitud goes from sea level to 900 m. and it has two rainy seasons, one fron May to June and the other one from September to November.

The national park also gives protection to the arqueological remains of Pueblito Chairama, an ancient commercial center used by the Tayrona Indians of the Sierra Nevada. It is estimated that it was inhabited by about 2,000 people between the years 450 and 1600 D.C, these ruins are a good alternative to observe the architecture of the Tayronas if you don't have enough time or the physical condition to see Teyuna, the Lost City, in the Sierra Nevada, a 6 days trek in the jungle. Now the Kogui Indians still live in the areas of the national park and of the Sierra Nevada.

There is a great diversity of animals, more than 100 species of mammals, 200 species of birds and 50 of reptiles, you can also find coral refs, shellfish and seaweed, creating a very interesting biological ecosystem.

In the coastal areas we can find three varieties of mangroves, which give the idea of an amphibian forest, the red mangrove, the white one, and the salty one.

Also along the coast one can observe a great variety of fish, lobsters, sea urchins and various turtle species, like the Carey and the Canguana, creating a wonderful sea world.

In the forest of the National Park Tayrona we can also find a great variety of animals including the mythical jaguar, three species of monkeys, such as the Titi monkey, marsupials, the opossum, and many others.

From the heights of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta come to the Tayrona park birds such as the white eagle and the lone eagle, who regulary visit the park.

We offer different options to know and enjoy the Tayrona National Park, in its land as well as underwater areas.

3 days / 2 nigths hike across the forest of the Tayrona National Park, visiting the remains of pueblito Chairama and enjoying many rivers and beaches.

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Diving for 1, 2 or 3 days
in the Tayrona National Park

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