Did you know that 10% of all known biological biodiversity in the world is present in Colombia? With thermal levels ranging from sea level up to 5.775 m, there are about 40 different ecosystems in Colombia, from the tropical Andes, the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Tayrona National Park, the Tumbes area in the Choco, the desert of La Guajira in the Northeast and so on. This diversity makes it possible to have the largest variety of birds in the world with nearly 2000 species of which 4% are endemic.

Moreover, Colombia has 53 protected areas, national nature reserves, and more than 560 areas protected by foundations and NGOs of which about 200 are for bird watching. That is the reason why, on a good day of birding, one can observe up to 150 different bird species.

You can combine different itineraries according to the type of birds you want to see, or your time available; ranging from a day trip in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for example, up to 12 days traveling from the Guajira to the mountains near Bogota, always accompanied by specialized guides.

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