Colombia is located in the northwestern tip of South America, with an area of 1,141,748 km2 (4,400 sq.miles), approximately the same area as California, Arizona, Nevada, and Utah together, and has an approximate population of 45 million people. The country shares its borders with Venezuela and Brazil to the East, Ecuador and Peru to the South, Panama and the Caribbean Sea to the North and the Pacific Ocean to the West.

Colombia is almost covered 40% with forest, as its territory comprises a large portion of the Orinoco and Amazon basin; the Andes are another highlight, they divide into three ranges as soon as they enter into Colombia from Ecuador, the West, Occidental range borders the Pacific Ocean for more than 1000 km, the central range is the prolongation of the main Andean ridge of the continent and the most volcanically active, the Eastern or Oriental range dominates the Colombian and Venezuelan plains to the east and culminate in the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy. Colombia also has 3000 km of coastline on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

With such a diverse geography, the climate is also very variable, with temperatures from 27 ° to 36 ° (80 F to 87 F) in the coastal zone and from 15 ° to below 0°  (59F to 32F) in the mountainous areas. The rainy seasons in Colombia vary also depending on the area.

Why visit Colombia?

Because of its great diversity of ecosystems, landscapes, historic and archeological sites, its people and their cultures. Also because it is a country newly opened to tourism, and still free of mass tourism.

Colombia is the second country with the highest biodiversity in the world, you can find for example 3,500 types of orchids, Colombia is the country with the highest quantity of species of frogs and birds worldwide, it has 14,000 species of butterflies, 456 species of mammals...

As the only South American country that has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, it has contrasting seascapes, numerous islands as the archipelago of San Andres and Providencia in the Caribbean, and the Gorgonas in the Pacific, a wide variety of beaches and diving locations.

Colombia also has the highest coastal mountain range on the planet, the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, which, in just 42 km goes from sea level, 0 meters, to a height of 5,778 m on the peak Colón,

We cannot ignore the plains and jungles, which cover a great part of the country and are full of amazing flora and fauna, its snowcapped mountains of the Andes and the charm of its people and culture. Additionally, there are 90 indigenous groups with a variety of interesting cultures.
Colombia is also the leading producer of flowers in the world, the biggest producer of bananas, as well as the first producer of emeralds in the world and also the best coffee!

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Safety issues

Hollywood and the media have contributed to create an exaggerated image of Colombia in the hands of guerillas, paramilitaries, drug traffickers and sicarios. This image could be true 25 years ago but today the country's situation has improved considerably and, although the guerrillas are still active in most parts of the country, they are concentrated mostly in the forested areas of southern Colombia, and they are now absent of the cities. You can now travel safely by road almost all over Colombia, a fact that has been taking advantage of by the Colombians themselves, leading the country to an accelerated development of the highways and tourism infrastructures.

As for common violence, if basic precautions are maintained like not exhibiting too much luxury clothing, jewelry, watches and hypersofisticated cameras, and making sure you are always using the services of legal and licensed agencies and operators (Mintur), you will most likely live an unforgettable experience in Colombia.

Finally, we advise you to avoid consuming or dealing with drugs in Colombia, a business that has almost destroyed, and is still damaging Colombian society. Also remember that the exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with minors of age is illegal in Colombia.

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